A Life Worth Following Journal

A Life Worth Following Journal

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This eight-week experience will teach how to begin a consistent walk with God while encountering Justin Sullivan's incredible journey with the Lord during the last six months of his life.  We invite you to encounter this story of God and begin this journey of building A Life Worth Following.

Each journal comes with a bracelet made to look like the seam of a baseball. This bracelet serves as a consistent reminder to follow through with your eight-week commitment. The idea of putting a bracelet with each journal came from Justin’s grandfather, Benny Bechtol. After Justin passed away, Benny cut up Justin’s practice baseballs and made bracelets for the family and close friends. This was such a significant part of our healing that we wanted to pass this on to every person who encountered Justin’s story.

About the Book

This journal is meant to be experienced over eight weeks, with the intention of each participant spending five days a week significantly engaging the Lord.  It is a great tool that can be utilized either by individuals or in a group setting.  It would also work well in a community group, with a sports team or even a parent/child mentorship environment.  The six disciplines taught in this eight-week experience are broken down in the following manner:   

  • Bible Study – focusing on  the first two chapters in the Sermon on the Mount.  The journal concludes with a challenge to continue the journey by utilizing the study principles to complete this incredible sermon preached by Jesus.    
  • Prayer – walking through a twenty minute prayer experience.  
  • Meditation and Journaling – participating in a twenty-minute meditation and journaling exercise. 
  • Spending “Time with a Giant” – encountering spiritual giants of the faith, and learning character lessons from an eighteen-year-old spiritual giant named Justin Sullivan.  
  • Scripture Memory – memorizing Ephesians 3:14-21
  •  Serving – executing practical serving assignments and putting action steps to your time with the Lord.

Each day of this journal begins with a brief study on the specific discipline of that day.  This is followed by specific instructions that will help you develop each discipline in your own life.  Each day is designed to take anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes, and this is a spiritual journey that will be both instructional and practical for you.